W3RJW Technical Information

W3RJW's AM6154/55 Conversion for 432 MHz

Here is the conversion process used by W3RJW (ex. WA3AXV) to convert the Fair Radio amps for use on the 432 MHz amateur band. Step by step instructions are included. "PDF" file available.

W3RJW's AM6154/55 Power Supply Conversion

Notes on modifying the FAA Amplfier power supply. Some old. Some New. "PDF" file available.

Waveguide Around the Rotor by W3RJW

Use waveguide from the shack to the antenna by using flexible waveguide around the rotor.

Frequency West Microwave Source Model Numbers

Learn what to look for when shopping sources.

Power Dividers Using Waveguide by W3RJW

An unusual approach to VHF/UHF power divider construction using microwave waveguide.
"PDF" file available.

W3RJW's Blasts from the Past

Short "How to" articles on various subjects from old issues of Cheese Bits.

Comments on the Yaesu FTV-1000 Transverter by W3RJW

Top of the line for 6 meters. But it does have some quirks. "PDF" file available.

Microwave Slot Antenna Design

Information on the design of slot antennas by Stephen Bell, KB7TRZ.  "PDF" file available.

HP Power Sensor Quick Test

Information from W6BY on how to do a quick go-nogo test on hamfest 'bargains'.
"PDF" file available.

Coax Cable for the Microwaves by W3RJW

Measurement of short coax pieces for use at Microwave Frequencies.

The Ubiquitous Right Angle "N" Connector by W3RJW

Some test data on the characteristics of the right angle "N" connector. Is it a problem child?
"PDF" file available.

W3RJW's FTDX-5000 and Ham Radio Deluxe Settings

Using HRD with the FTDX-5000 (And FT-2000)

W3RJW's FTDX-5000 and FTdx-3000 Audio EQ Settings

My settings with Heil PR-781, GM-5.1 "Wide" and PS-6 (HC-6)

EZ Way Tower Documents

Original brochures and price list "PDF" file available.

Parabolic Antennas and Their Feeds by N3AOG

Dish antennas and their feeds are a mystery to the majority of Hams .... N3AOG simplifies the design and manufacture practical feeds .. "PDF" file available.

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