Amateur Radio Station W3RJW
ex. WA3AXV

WA3AXV was first licensed in 1964. Licensed with the then relatively new Technician class license (ca. 1951), my test was administered by W3KKN, Ernie (SK), in Willow Grove Pa. WA3AXV joined the Mt. Airy VHF Club (Pack Rats) in 1970. Upgraded to Advanced class in 1978. This time the test was administered by the legendary Joe Welsh of the FCC office in Philadelphia, PA. The vanity call W3RJW (my initials) was obtained in 1997.
HF + 6m
Heil Goldline Wide
Microwave IF
Quadra VL-1000
by 'KJ' Hallgren
Then 11 Year Old Grandson
3.4 Ghz, 5.7 Ghz, 10.1 Ghz
Transverters and Amplfiers
HF and VHF Tower
70 Foot EZ-Way Crank Up/Down, Tilt Over
3 Element SteppIR - 40m-6m
80/160m Trapped Dipole
144 and 432 Mhz Yagis
HB 43 Foot Vertical
Base Loaded for 80/160
50 Ground Radials
In Process of Mounting 3 Element SteppIR in September 2010

30/40m Driven Element added in November 2011

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